Compassion is passion for communication.

Compassion is the expression of our hearts.

Compassion is to experience the newness of each moment
and each person we interact with at that moment.

Compassion looks at all people and sees that each person
has an incredible story to share.

Compassion is to feel the needs and challenges of others.

Compassion is a path away from all ”us and them”.

Compassion is to listen.

Compassion builds trust and long-term relations.

Compassion is a source for hope, inspiration and joy.

Compassion is a foundation for vision and values - the compass.

Compassion will be key when we face the future challenges
of the world.



This is a company and network

devoted to providing the best in

facilitating awareness and engagement.

We can support you in making your employees more aware of new trends, new customer needs, new competition, new business models, and new ways of working. A subject rather unique for us is mapping corporate culture from a business perspective - own culture in big transformations and different cultures in mergers and aquisitions.

You can also get support and take advantage of broad experience when you develop your vision and values - including advice on how to do it so it really will engage everyone.

We are specialists on how to facilitate dialogs in top management teams and big workshops. The facilitation often centers around knowledge sharing, idea generation and agreement on a common direction. Another frequent element is how to make leaders learn faster than the speed of change.

Our expertise also include how to prepare powerful presentations and write memorable stories.

Having the motto ”Don’t forget to inspire someone today”, we hope you will find some useful thoughts and ideas when you read further on...


C O M P A S S I O N c o m m u n i c a t i o n